County Manager's Corner

Our New Vision!
Our Board of Commissioners and staff recently invested time in considering who and where we want to be as a County. Then we pondered how we need to grow as an organization to help our citizens bring our County's vision to reality.  The result of that work is the two-sided vision statement you see below. 

If our vision is where we want to be, then considering where we are now, we'll need to build a bridge to get there. But....I'm convinced we can get there if we work together. So I encourage you to catch the vision, and then roll up your sleeves and help us build that bridge.

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Edgecombe County Vision Statement 2023 2
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Meet the Board of County Commissioners
The Board of Commissioners is the Governing Body for Edgecombe County and it adopts policies, ordinances and rules for the citizens and employees of Edgecombe County. You can also see agendas and minutes from previous meetings.
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