Board of Commissioners

leonard wiggins 12815A Message from our Chairman

It is my desire, as well as that of the other Commissioners representing the citizens of Edgecombe County, that you find our website helpful and informative. It is our belief that the best Government is that Government which is closest to the people it serves. To that end, our website was created.

The best Government is predicated on an informed citizenry and communication with elected officials. You, as a citizen of Edgecombe County, are encouraged to share your interest and concerns with your commissioners. As we strive for excellence in County Government, your input is essential.

The EDGECOMBE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS consists of a (7) seven member Board. In 1996 the General Assembly enacted district representation for the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners, transitioning from an at large election process. The Board of Commissioners is the Governing Body for Edgecombe County and it adopts policies, ordinances and rules for the citizens and employees of Edgecombe County.

The BOC holds it's regular meeting on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Commissioners room on the 2nd floor of the county Administration building located at 201 St. Andrews Street, Tarboro. For more information or if you have questions please contact the Clerk to the Board at 252-641-7834.

Please feel free to contact any of the following Commissioners and share your thoughts. Working together, we can and will make Edgecombe County a strong and desirable place in which to live and work.


Leonard Wiggins, Chairman
Edgecombe Board of County Commissioners