What is "Get Off the Lists"?

Unfortunately, Edgecombe County is at the top and bottom of many "bad" lists.  This reality is underscored by our position in the statewide county health ranking, where we currently stand at 99th place out of 100 counties. This ranking is based on a collection of various health and socio-economic factors. 

But...that doesn't have to be our future! We can get off these lists, or at least move to a better place on  many of them.

With that challenge in front of us, and fueled by a sincere belief that we can change the future of our great County, we have embarked on a movement to work with our citizens and stakeholders to Get Off the Lists!

To better understand more about our vision and mission, watch this video which was sent to invite our partners to a meeting to discuss this. 

Join us for our next Community Engagement Session!

Edgecombe County Visiion Statement

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