Tax Collector's Office

  • Tarasa Lewis, Tax Administrator 
  • Lisa Skinner, Deputy Tax Collector
  • Mikita Daniels, Delinquent Tax Specialist 
  • Angela Braswell, Revenue Clerk I 
  • Melissa Dickens, Revenue Clerk I 
  • Rhonda Bryant, Revenue Clerk I
  • Ann Hurdle, Revenue Clerk I
Responsibilities of the Tax Collector's Office 
  • The collection of taxes on Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicles for the county, 14 fire districts, one drainage district, and 8 towns (Conetoe, Leggett, Macclesfield, Pinetops, Princeville, Speed, Sharpsburg & Whitakers).
  • Preparing statements of taxes due for attorneys and other real estate professionals. 
  • Enforced collections on delinquent taxes (Foreclosure, Sheriff Executions, Wage, Bank and Rent Garnishments).
  • Issuing of Beer & Wine License for businesses as required by the NC Department of Revenue.
  • Issuing of Mobile Home Tax Moving Permits for mobile homes leaving the county and moving within. 
  • The collection of Water & Sewer payments for Edgecombe County's 5 water districts.
  • Clearing Registration Stops

Any questions concerning taxes paid or owed should be directed to the Tax Collector's Office. Other questions about tax bills should be directed to the Tax Assessor's Office at (252) 641-7855.

All questions concerning county water & sewer bills should be directed to the Water & Sewer Department at (252) 823-3042 or (252)823-5571.

Any questions concerning registration fees, title fees, insurance stops or general registration questions please call (252) 641-6684 or (919) 715-7000 (NCDOT Help Desk).

Contact Us

Tax Collector  
201 St. Andrew Street,
Suite 154
Tarboro, NC 27886

Phone: 252-641-7810

8am - 5pm