Our 4 Focus Areas

Based on a thorough review of the County Health Rankings and Roadmap for Edgecombe County, we have chosen four areas to focus on.  Youth & Families...Education/Workforce...Health Equity...Affordable/Safe Housing. You can choose the Focus Area you'd like to help with.

Through discussions with many stakeholders, we've identified:

  • The "lists" related to each focus area.
  • Existing efforts that are making positive impacts in each focus area.
  • Service and resource gaps that need to be filled to expand the impacts in each focus area.
  • New initiatives that have been or are being developed to help us Get Off the Lists. 
Note....this is a working document and will be changing and growing as we go. Check back for updates.

Are you a part of an agency or organization that's doing good work in one of these 4 focus areas? If so, we'd like to learn more about what you do.  Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey

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