Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for serving civil processes issued by the court system, such as subpoenas for court, child support, judgments, small claims court, etc.

This division consists of twelve deputies: including a Civil Lieutenant who oversees the daily operations.

IV-D unit is made up of a sergeant and a deputy who work closely with the Edgecombe County Department of Social Services’ Child Support Division in serving various types of child support papers.

Court Bailiffs are made up of a sergeant and two deputies that work as security for the Edgecombe County Courthouse. During court, these deputies are assisted by other deputies from the Sheriff’s Office to maintain and secure the court rooms.

Civil papers have a sergeant, a corporal and two deputies that work exclusively on magistrate summons, ejectments, civil subpoenas, civil summons, executions, tax warrants, foreclosures notices and writ of real property papers.

Transport has a deputy who transports inmates to and from state and federal court, prisons, hospitals and mental health centers with assistance by other personnel from the Sheriff’s Office. The deputy coordinates these transports with other agencies in the state, works with fugitives and serves warrants on inmates.

Traffic/ABC/Pretrial has a deputy that monitors defendants placed in the pretrial release program. He also handles ABC enforcement, alcohol violations, investigates and submits reports to the ABC Board. Coordinates traffic details such as Booze-It, Loose It, Click-It or Ticket details and submits reports to the state.