The Edgecombe County Inspections Office is responsible for issuing building permits and inspecting all new construction (including manufactured homes), renovations, and re-inspections of vacant buildings in rural Edgecombe County. In addition, inspections services are provided to the Towns of Leggett, Princeville, Conetoe, Speed, Macclesfield and Pinetops. Inspections are provided to ensure that construction is safe and in accordance with the N. C. Building Code and applicable ordinances of Edgecombe County. The Inspections Office also has the authority to condemn buildings that are unsafe for occupancy.

The Inspections Office also assists in enforcement of the County Zoning Ordinance, Junk Vehicle Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations. Enforcement is provided on a complaint basis. The Junk Vehicle Ordinance applies to all territory that is outside the city limits, while the territory for enforcement of Zoning and Subdivision regulations is variable.

Citizens with questions about qualifications of building contractors, quality/safety of structures for occupancy, etc. may contact the Inspections Office for assistance.


In an effort to provide proficient and professional customer service to our contractors, homeowners and citizens within Edgecombe County we would like to share with you our policy for issuing permits;
  • Permits are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Permit numbers are required when requesting an inspection; without providing a permit number no inspection will be scheduled.  All inspection request should be received by 4p.m. in order to receive an inspection the next available inspection day.
  • We do not accept any faxed applications due to permits will not be issued until payment is received in our office.
    • Reference General Statue 153A-354
  • Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a new Inspection Department Fee Schedule which became effective July 1, 2018.  The fee schedule includes a penalty fee which can be assessed to the permit if work has commenced without the required permit.
  • Any work performed without a permit will be fined.
    • Reference General Statue 153A-354
  • Building Inspectors will leave an orange sticker on each job site indicating the inspection results.  If power connection is needed, staff will contact the utility company.
  •  A plot plan must be submitted to Planning and Inspections before obtaining a zoning certificate.
  •  If you live in a town or a town's Extra Terriortial Jurisdiction (ETJ), the zoning certificate will be issued by that jurisdiction. 
  • A zoning certificate is required before a septic tank permit is issued by the Edgecombe County Environmental Health Department.
  • Two sets of building plans are required for new construction.  

*For a new construction, the contractor, subcontractor, owner, occupant(s) must pick up permit.  Any third party attempt to pick up permits must produce a signed and notarized letter of authorization from the above mentioned parties.  Persons acting as their own contractor  will be required to fill out the Owner Exemption Affidavit and also may be required to meet with the Edgecombe County Building Inspector before obtaining building permits. 

                                                                    EFFECTIVE APRIL 1, 2013
Per General Statutes 153A-357  property owners (or contractors on behalf of the owner) MUST designate a lien agent for most building projects valued $40,000 or more at time of permit issuance. 
Contact LiensNC for assistance at or 1-888-690-7384.