Edgecombe County is undergoing a transition in industry. Sectors that once were the backbone of our economy have either gone completely or downsized significantly. Our area has been hard hit by global competition and out-of-country relocations. In the last 10 years, we have lost over 2500 jobs. Even though agriculture is still our largest economic driver, there have been considerable decreases in agricultural production with the loss of peanut and tobacco support.

However, we do not view these changes as the beginning of the end. On the contrary, it’s the start of a whole new beginning. With a ready-to-work labor force that is willing to adapt to new industries and new production techniques, we are seeing a new day on the horizon. Notable companies like Sara Lee and QVC can see it too because they have located and expanded here. The business opportunities run the spectrum of business types and production methods. In our region, we have seen a rise in business sectors, or clusters, like: pharmaceuticals, logistics (transportation and warehousing), advanced manufacturing (especially motor vehicle parts and supplies), food processing, plastics, and electronics.

We are ready to work with companies who are looking for a rare opportunity to grow a great business. The team at Carolina's Gateway Partnership, who handles industrial recruitment, is prepared to show interested investors and company leaders what we have to offer including our certified industrial sites. They can also work with you on available incentive packages, because our local leaders are willing to invest in our economy.