The Honorable Carol Allen White

NC Clerk of Superior Court
Ex Officio Judge of Probate
Edgecombe County

carolwhiteshirtThe Honorable Carol Allen White is a native of Edgecombe County. She is a graduate of Shaw University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. In 1976 at the early age of 19 years old, Carol started her career at the Edgecombe County Courthouse, Tarboro, NC. In 1990 she was elected as the first woman and first African-American to represent Edgecombe County, Tarboro, NC as the Clerk of Superior Court, Ex Officio Judge of Probate. She was defeated in the 1994 election. However, Carol is resilient and as a result, in December 1998 Carol came back and won the election and returned to her first love. Again in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, she was re-elected to serve her fifth and sixth full terms by the registered voters of her county. She is the people’s Clerk of Superior Court, Ex Officio Judge of Probate. A trailblazer and an outstanding pioneer, Carol’s election was a lesson in courage and determination. She had to survive sometimes a bitter path to victory that even included her being dismissed from her position after serving 12 years as a Deputy Clerk after announcing her intentions to run for public office. Today she is guiding the Clerk’s office to its mission of providing great professional services to the community while promoting unity and empowerment for all people and is passionate and committed to her calling. With more than 30 years of experience in both the county and state of North Carolina government, Carol has served the county of Edgecombe as the elected clerk for over 20 years. She will motivate and inspire you to grow and reach your fullest potential.

Carol is also the Founder of It Starts With U Foundation Reentry Transition, a nonprofit organization incorporated in 2008 that was birthed from a need to help build a compassionated strong model for re-entry transition and support services to ex-offenders, men and women age eighteen (1) or older to help them get back on their feet. The vision of the organization is to sensitize and increase public awareness of the stigma and barriers that an ex-offender faces upon release. In partnership with various community partners, the program’s focus is on, but not limited to, providing life skills, employment (job readiness), housing and public safety, restore family relationships, lend victim’s support and provide opportunities to those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system in becoming law abiding and productive citizens. An active re-entry program can provide tax breaks for local businesses, while reducing jail populations, lengthy court dockets and reduce the number of repeat offenders who violate probation and parole. If you are willing, patient and in need of a second chance, this program can help “U-TURN” your life around.

Carol is married to Robert White and the couple has two children; a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and three grandchildren. They reside in Princeville, NC. Carol is a member of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Tarboro, NC where she serves as the Associate Minister under the leadership of Pastor Wayne Hines. She is a member of Tau Gamma Delta Sorority, Inc. and a member of Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society. Still with all her many duties and responsibilities, she continues to give back to her community by being active and rendering services to many boards in the county and throughout the state. Among her many awards, she is the recipient of the 2004 Martin Luther King, Jr. Citizenship Award, and also in 2004 received the Humanitarian Award at the Princeville’s 119th Birthday Celebration.

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