Court Dates & Continuances

If you would like to check on a criminal or traffic court date, you may call our office in Tarboro at 252-824-3200 or the Rocky Mount Judicial Center at 252-977-6565.

Check Criminal Court Dates


A continuance may only be requested in open court on your court date. This means you or your attorney must personally appear in court on your court date and request a continuance.

You cannot call and request a continuance or request a continuance by mail. You must personally appear in court and make your motion for a continuance. There is also no guarantee that a continuance will be granted by the court.

What if I missed my court date?

If you have missed your court date by more than twenty (20) days, a late fee of $200.00 will be added to the fine and court costs. Additionally, the Division of Motor Vehicles will start the process to suspend your driver's license.

If your personal court appearance was required and you failed to appear on your court date, the court will issue an Order for Arrest. You may also be required to post a bond to insure your appearance in court at a later date.