Motor Vehicle Information

Beginning July 2013, the process of paying your motor vehicle taxes in North Carolina changed.  Previously, a motor vehicle tax bill was processed and due 3 months from the date of when a tag is renewed.  Now the taxes are paid at the same time as tag renewal.  Please see brochure below for details.

Frequently Asked Questions on Registered Motor VehiclesI sold my registered vehicle (car, truck, van, motorcycle, etc). How do I get this vehicle off the tax records?

Your vehicle will not be charged anymore if you do not renew the tag. If you turn it in to the DMV office you may be entitled to a partial refund if taxes are paid or tax bill proration if the taxes are not yet paid. To make any adjustments we need to see a copy of the receipt from DMV for the tag turn in as well as proof of ownership transfer of the vehicle. This could include a copy of the Bill of Sale or a copy of the front and back of the title transfer showing you sold the vehicle.

I transferred my tag to a new vehicle. Why do I have to pay this bill on the old vehicle?

Tax bills are based on the vehicle the license tag was on the day the tag was renewed. This bill needs to be paid and it will cover your new car for the tag year as well. You will receive a bill based on the new vehicle next year.

I have moved to another county and I am receiving a bill from Edgecombe County. Do I owe this bill?

Yes. The state does not prorate vehicle property taxes from county to county. State law requires you pay the county you lived in on the day the license tag was renewed. You will need to pay this bill and submit a change of address to DMV so they will have your correct address to mail a renewal card. After you renew your tag, the DMV will give your vehicle information to your new county of residence and they will bill you the next time you renew your tag.

Can you change my mailing address on my vehicle tax bill?

No. Address information comes directly to us from the DMV. You need to change it with their offices and they will send us the corrected information the next time you renew your license tag.

The value on my vehicle is not correct. How can I appeal the value?

Call 252-641-7855 or come by the tax office to request an appeal form for your vehicle. The taxes must be paid and appeal must be filed before bill is past due.

I’m in the military and stationed outside of North Carolina. Do I have to pay my bill?

Please call 252-641-7855 to obtain information regarding military personnel and property tax bills.

I sent my vehicle to another state, country, etc. Why do I owe this bill when the vehicle is no longer here?

As long as you have a North Carolina tag on the vehicle and it is still registered in your name with DMV the taxes will be due and cannot be prorated.

I countersigned this vehicle for my son, why is my name on the tax bill?

Your name is also on the registration with DMV making you as responsible for the taxes as you are for the car payments.