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  • To prepare, enforce, and educate the public on local rules and regulations as they pertain to the orderly growth and development of the county.
  • To protect the lives and property of all citizens through proper construction and development methods, utilizing state and local codes and ordinances.
  • To provide an effective referral system so that all citizens will know where and how to go about applying for and receiving services.
  • To provide services in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner without any discrimination.



Permits are issued from 9am-4pm daily


Please request inspections 24 hours in advance.  Contact the Planning and Inspections office at 252-641-7802 to schedule an inspection.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Edgecombe County is leasing property for $10. ($1 per year for 10 years) These properties are to remain empty lots.  No structures allowed.  Please contact the Planning Office at (252) 641- 7802 or visit us at 201 St. Andrew St. Room 205 Tarboro, NC 27886 for more information.


Edgecombe County Properties 
Click here for the most current list of properties obtained through tax foreclosure. If you would like to make an offer to purchase a property, download and complete this FORM .
Mail to : Cynthia T. Jenkins, Planning Director,
P.O. Box 10,Tarboro, NC 27886
for more information call: (252) 641-7802 or
visit the planning office located in room 205.
Current bids
None at this time
You can also purchase surplus equipment, vehicles, and other items through Gov Deals.
(You can search by selecting "North Carolina" for State and "Edgecombe County, NC" for Seller Name)